Finding a Decent WordPress Theme


Recently I thought to myself: Maybe I should make a new site, something with WordPress. I’ve certainly made plenty of sites in the past. Dozens of sites for various clients, and of course some for myself. My previous “venture” was Spatter Graphics. I made this site a long, long time ago and it’s gone through quite a few variations, most of them just shy of terrible. I started that site when I was still doing a lot of Photoshop and CGI work so it seemed pretty appropriate. However, I don’t spend much time doing that sort of stuff anymore and consequently that site doesn’t ever get updated, or looked at, or anything at all.

So, a new site. I decided I should start something fresh. Something more fitting. “Spatter Graphics” doesn’t really describe anything useful anymore. It’s too specific, I’m not doing graphics now. I do a lot of writing though, and I like to talk about programming, video games, movies, etc etc. Oh shit. That’s a blog. I’ve just described a site where I ramble about bullshit. A blog. Fuck.

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